Terms and Condidtions

Terms and Conditions for Quick and Mobile Skip Bins

By using our website and booking our mobile skip bin rental services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1: General Hire Agreement

Terms and Fees Without prior notice, subject to change. ABN: 96 665 953 944 Robert Vonhoff

No client will ever have the right to claim ownership of any mobile skip bins rented through “Quick and Mobile Skip Bins” because all of them are wholly owned by the business. This includes both during and after the hire agreement.


2: General Skip Bin Information

“Quick and Mobile Skip Bins” builds each skip bin in accordance with Australian standards. A hydraulic lift is included with each mobile skip. Each bin has dimensions of 3300 mm (L), 2300 mm (W), and 2000 mm (H) and weighs 880 kg.


3:Positioning mobile skip trailers while under hire

While we make every effort to respect our customers’ requests, the delivery driver ultimately decides where a skip bin should be placed in a safe location. The driver considers client safety, incident prevention, and making sure no public walkways or footpaths are blocked when deciding where to place the trailer in its final location. The trailer CANNOT be moved once it has been set up. If for some reason we discover that it has been moved, we will charge the customer $100. Please contact Quick and Mobile Skip Bins if the bin needs to be moved for any reason, and we will arrange for someone to come out and move it as soon as we can.


4: Land or property damage

When delivering or picking up a hire skip bin trailer, Quick and Mobile Skip Bins disclaims all responsibility for any damage to property, whether it occurs above or below ground. The chosen area MUST be a suitable size and be checked for hazards. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide information and guarantee that the chosen area of placement is safe and appropriate for delivery while taking into account trailer specifications outlined in general terms of hire clause 2. The area must be devoid of overhead powerlines and cables and strong enough to support the weight of the vehicle towing the skip trailer when it is fully loaded. Grass, driveways, personal property, cars or other vehicles, gardens and fencing, garages, carports, houses, kerbs, or other structures are just a few examples of the types of property that Quick and Mobile Skip Bins is not responsible for damaging.


5: Skip-bin usage limitations

The following activities are not permitted by the customer while the skip bin is in their possession during the rental period:


  • putting or allowing others to put any prohibited waste into the skip bin.
  • Lighting Setting fire to or allowing others to burn any materials in the skip bin
  • exceeding the skip bin’s recommended or permitted weight limits when filling it. Or if the lid cannot close for some reason.
  • Using the skip bin in a way that puts any property—human, animal, or otherwise—in danger. or allowing anyone else to make such improper use of the skip bin.


6: Customers are accountable for disposing of trash

The type of trash the customer wishes to dispose of must be disclosed to Quick and Mobile Skip Bins at the time of booking because some items will result in an additional charge (described in Waste Specifics).


7: Refund and Cancellation Policy

The customer must email ” Quick and Mobile Skip Bins ” at info@quickandmobileskipbins.com.au in writing to cancel their reservation within the time frames listed below.

  • The customer will receive a refund of the hire fees paid to Quick and Mobile Skip Bins less booking fees if they cancel their reservation at least three business days before the booking date.
  • Customers who cancel their reservations with Quick and Mobile Skip Bins within three business days but more than one business day will receive a refund of their hire fees, less a 15% cancellation fee and booking fees.
  • The customer will receive a refund of the hired funds less a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total hired amount and any booking fees if they cancel on the delivery booking day.


7:1 Customer Acknowledgement

The customer agrees to abide by any and all conditions outlined in Quick and Mobile Skip Bins’ cancellation policy. including the penalty for cancellation listed in 7(a,b,c). The customer acknowledges that if they have not given sufficient notice of cancellation, they will not be entitled to a refund of any fees or charges they have already paid.


7:2: Cancellation by Quick and Mobile Skip Bins:

If Quick and Mobile Skip Bins is unable to deliver or supply the hired skip, they may cancel any booking at any time up until or on the booking date. In the event that Quick and Mobile Skip Bins must cancel a reservation, all fees will be fully refunded.


8: Customer Responsibilities

The customer acknowledges having read and comprehended the terms and conditions policy for Quick and Mobile Skip Bins. The customer also agrees to follow the following

  • The skip bin must always be used safely and responsibly during the rental period.
  • The client acknowledges full responsibility, liability, and expense for ANY loss, destruction, or damage to the skip bin.
  • The client consents to having the skip bin available for pickup on the scheduled collection date.
  • Ownership of the Skip Bin is NEVER transferred while it is being rented out; it remains “Quick and Mobile Skip Bins” property.
  • The client acknowledges that only permitted waste types may be disposed of in our skip bins, and that any dangerous waste materials discovered will result in charges.


9: Acceptable Types of Waste

Furniture, timers, clothes, household goods, office supplies, and electrical goods are examples of general garbage.

Plaster, wood, carpet, steel, and other building waste

Trees, Green Waste, Garden Waste.


10: Things that will cost extra

Car, 4×4, and motorcycle tyres cost $20 each.

$30 per tyre for truck tyres

Mattresses: $30 each (removal by ute, no skip space required)


Additionally, Quick and Mobile Skip Bins provides a twice-weekly collection of large trash. Simply give us a call to schedule your items, and we’ll let you know when we’ll be picking them up next.

11: Prohibited Waste

Under no circumstances do we permit the disposal of any hazardous materials in our skip bins. Asbestos, chemicals, poisons, batteries, paint, food and biological waste, medical waste, liquids, radioactive waste, gas bottles, and spray cans are just a few examples of these hazardous materials. At the time of collection, if any of these items are discovered in our bins, they will be removed, and the customer will be charged an additional fee. The customer will be hit with steep decontamination fees that must be paid right away if these materials are discovered in the skip after they have been disposed of.

12: Skip Bin Load Capacity

For various waste removal requirements, Quick and Mobile Skip Bins offers 2 price options, from 0 to 500 kg and 500 kg to 1,000 kg (1-tonne Maximum Capacity), which are specified at the time of booking. All skip bins are weighed at the dump after being filled using a weighbridge. Bin over allocated weight are charged at $30 per 100kg and an additional invoice will be delivered.

13: Complete List of Conditions

The following terms and conditions are a part of the Rental Agreement and are accepted by the hirer by placing an order with Quick and Mobile Skip Bins for the rental of one of our skip bins. Employers must exercise caution when using Quick and Mobile Skip Bins. After carefully reading them, call us at 0431 434 208 if you have any questions.

14: To the Client

This legally binding agreement includes the terms and conditions, including the hirer’s release of all liability for harm and damage.

14.1 The following are not permitted in the Quick and Mobile Skip Bins because they are deemed hazardous waste and should not be disposed of there:

  1. Radon-producing waste
  2. waste from the medical industry.
  3. Grease trap trash
  4. soil contaminated
  5. Batteries
  6. Paint
  7. worn-out oil filters
  8. Containers containing oil
  9. Acids
  10. Asbestos

 Remember that asbestos is a very dangerous chemical. If asbestos is disposed of improperly, there may be legal repercussions. Any asbestos found in the trailer skip belongs to the hirer. The cost of disposing of the asbestos is the hirer’s responsibility and could be several hundred dollars.Skip East Cast Bins are made to accommodate common trash. Heavy debris of any kind, including concrete, mud, bricks, boulders, rubble, sand, soil, tiles, or anything else of the sort, cannot be handled by them. There can only be five wheelbarrow loads of this heavy waste per bin.

14.2 Quick and Mobile Skip Bins offers two price tiers, from 0 to 500 kg and 500 kg to 1,000 kg (1-tonne Maximum Capacity), which are both specified at the time of booking. All skip bins are weighed at the dump after being filled using a weighbridge. Skips that are too heavy will incur a $35.00 per 100 kg fine. And a different invoice will be delivered.

14.3 Under extremely heavy weight conditions, we might be unable to transport the trailer due to restrictions imposed by the road authority, or the skip bin might be too heavy to empty. In this situation, the hirer will be charged for an additional bin (or bins) and will be in charge of sorting the waste into different bins to adhere to the weight limit.

14.4 Any fines levied against the trailer skip bin while it is in the hirer’s care are their responsibility. For instance, there may be fines for overloading the trailer or parking the trailer illegally.

14.5 The hired trailer has a replacement cost of $8,500. By signing the hire agreement, the hirer signifies their acceptance of this value.

14.6 When the hire agreement is signed and the trailer leaves Quick and Mobile Skip Bins ‘ physical possession and control, all risks as described in the terms and conditions of hire pass to the hirer. The Employer holds Quick and Mobile Skip Bins, its officers, and staff harmless from the following claims:


  1. Any loss or damage (including attorney fees on an attorney and own client basis) resulting from any act, omission, or violation of this Agreement or any law or regulation by the Hirer, its officers, employees, or any person the Hirer permits to use the trailer.
  2. Any claims by any person for injury to person or property, including consequential loss arising from the use of the trailer.


14.7 The owner (Quick and Mobile Skip Bins) is not responsible for injuries sustained by the hirer, their representatives, or any third parties as a result of using the trailer while it is on hire.

14.8 The owner (Quick and Mobile Skip Bins) is not responsible for any indirect losses brought on by using or being unable to use the trailer.

14.9 During the rental period, while the trailer is both attached to and detached from any vehicle, the hirer is responsible if the trailer is stolen, damaged, or involved in an accident. Any items transported or kept inside the trailer, as well as any mishaps brought on by its use or any harm done to the hirer or any other third party, are solely the hirer’s responsibility.

14.10 The hirer must notify Quick and Mobile Skip Bins if the equipment needs to be repaired or adjusted, and they must give no one permission to do so without Quick and Mobile Skip Bins ‘ prior approval. The hirer uses the trailer at their own risk and must adhere to the manufacturer’s stated tolerances.

14.11 The hirer is required to examine the trailer and certify that it is in good working condition. The renter agrees that the equipment will be returned in the same condition as when it was picked up, with normal wear and tear being accepted.

14.12 The hirer further agrees that copies of the documents provided to Quick and Mobile Skip Bins for identification purposes may be forwarded to the Police to assist in their investigations if the trailer is not returned to Quick and Mobile Skip Bins at the end of the rental period. If the trailer is not returned at the end of the hiring period, it will be reported to the police as stolen, and from the time the signed hire agreement expires, the hirer will be deemed to be in unlawful possession of the trailer.

14.13 The contents of the skip will be returned to the hirer on their property if any payments are not made when the skip is picked up.

14.14 Quick and Mobile Skip Bins has the right to deliver notices to the location listed in the contract.

15: Late Payment Penalties

At the time of booking, all clients MUST pay according to the terms of the contract.

Quick and Mobile Skip Bins reserves the right to immediately charge any outstanding amounts to a credit card that has previously been used.

On any unpaid balances, Quick and Mobile Skip Bins reserves the right to impose interest charges and administrative fees.

The weekly interest rate is 5% of the total amount owed plus a $50 administrative fee.

The hirer acknowledges that any expenses incurred in the recovery of unpaid debts, including debt collection agency fees and all related court and attorney fees, are the hirer’s responsibility.

If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, please contact us at:

Quick and Mobile Skip Bins Address: Gold Coast Email: info@quickandmobileskipbins.com.au, Phone: 0431 434 208

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