Items You Can’t Put in Quick and Mobile Skip Bins: A Comprehensive Guide

Items You Can’t Put in Quick and Mobile Skip Bins: A Comprehensive Guide

When you hire a skip bin for waste removal, you may assume you can toss just about anything into it. However, it’s essential to understand that specific rules and regulations govern what can and cannot be placed into skip bins, primarily for environmental and safety reasons. Quick and Mobile Skip Bins is committed to sustainable and responsible waste management, and as a part of this commitment, there are items that our bins cannot accept. Let’s delve into the list of disallowed items in skip bins and the reasons behind these restrictions.


  1. Asbestos Asbestos is a hazardous material that poses significant health risks, including respiratory problems and even cancer. Due to the dangers associated with its handling, asbestos cannot be mixed with other waste in skip bins. If you believe you might have asbestos, it’s crucial to contact professionals to handle its safe removal and disposal.
  2. Paints and Liquids While empty paint cans can be disposed of in skip bins, full or partially full cans of paint and other liquids, including oils, are prohibited. When mixed with other waste, these liquids can spill or leak, posing environmental risks and complicating the waste management process.
  3. Chemicals Any form of chemical waste, including pesticides, solvents, and household cleaners, should not be placed in skip bins. These can be hazardous to the environment and individuals handling the waste.
  4. Tyres Due to the specific recycling process needed for tyres and the space they consume, they are generally not accepted in standard skip bins. Instead, tyres should be taken to specialized recycling centers.
  5. Batteries Whether they are car batteries or regular household batteries, they contain chemicals that can leak and contaminate the environment. Batteries need to be disposed of at specific drop-off points or recycling centers.
  6. Gas Bottles Even if they seem empty, gas bottles can pose a significant explosion risk. They should never be placed in skip bins but rather returned to appropriate collection or exchange centers.
  7. E-Waste Electronic waste, like computers, TVs, and smartphones, contains materials that can be hazardous when not disposed of correctly. E-waste requires specialized recycling to extract and repurpose valuable metals and components.
  8. Biohazards and Medical Waste Needles, syringes, and any other medical waste are a strict no-no for skip bins due to the health risks they pose. Such items need specialized disposal methods to ensure they don’t harm anyone or contaminate the environment.

Why These Restrictions Exist

It’s not about complicating the disposal process but ensuring safety and sustainability. The restrictions in place for skip bins ensure:

  • Safety for Handlers: The professionals who handle and process the waste are protected from harmful substances.
  • Environmental Protection: By ensuring hazardous waste doesn’t end up in landfills, we’re taking a step forward in protecting our environment.
  • Regulatory Compliance: These guidelines also exist to ensure waste management practices comply with local and national regulations.

What Should You Do With Prohibited Items?

If you have items on this list to dispose of, don’t be disheartened. There are specialized services and facilities that handle the collection and recycling of such materials. It’s always recommended to contact your local council or waste management authority for guidance on disposing of restricted items.


At Quick and Mobile Skip Bins, our primary goal is to make waste disposal convenient while ensuring we do our bit to protect the environment and adhere to regulations. By understanding and respecting these restrictions, you can play a significant role in sustainable and safe waste management. Always remember to check the list of prohibited items or consult with your skip bin provider before disposing of uncertain items. Your cooperation goes a long way in ensuring a cleaner, greener planet for all.

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